Uygur means union or alliance. Modern Uygur people can trace their ancestors back to the nomadic tribes who lived in the area of Lake Baikal and the Irtish River further north of today's Mongolia about 200 BC, contemporaneously with the Han Dynasty of the Middle Kingdom.

Although such displays would be protected under “the freedom of speech” in some countries, in Germany, this is a criminal offense which carries fines and/or imprisonment of up to three years. For those who assume that all Chinese travelers are rude, noisy and lack common sense, this … US’s double standard way out of line | Is the so-called freedom of speech only a privilege for those who hold the same voice as the government? Are different opinions not allowed to be expressed? It is evident that some politicians in the US applaud the Hong Kong radicals for committing illegal violence, and attack the legal governance and solemn law enforcement exercised by Hong Mike Pence's speech arouses laughter on China's social

Democratic Centralism: The Core Mechanism in China’s

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