Have you forgot your LinkSys router password ? No worry, you can reset your LinkSys router password to factory default settings. Linksys Factory Defaults : This features allows you to restore your original factory settings and start over.This can be accomplished by holding down the Reset button on the back of the linksys router for 30 seconds.

Nov 25, 2016 USER GUIDE - Linksys Feb 25, 2020 Linksys PAP2T Password - Cisco Community Found this on Linksys forums: - "Reset PAP2-NA to factory default: ****73738# if it asks for password, use 8995523# or 7756112# or 5465866# or 50274537# or 78196365# (One of these numbers should work for you) enter 1 to confirm, press #, Hang up. How To Change WiFi Password On A Linksys Router - YouTube Jan 22, 2020

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How to Factory Reset a Linksys Router - Support.com

LinkSys Default Password. On older LinkSys routers, the default username is blank and the default password is "admin." On newer Linksys routers, both the default username and the default password are set to "admin." Once you are past the login screen, you are able to reconfigure the LinkSys router.

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