Jun 30, 2020 · Browser compartmentalization is when you use different web browsers for different kinds of activity online. This allows you to keep different activities separate and customize each browser to different threat models. An example setup for browser compartmentalization is: Browser 1 (e.g. Firefox): logged into your online accounts. Used for

Top 10 Internet Browsers - Most Popular Web Browsers of Nov 08, 2019 13 Best Ubuntu Web Browsers: Which One is Right for You? Yandex is the most standout Russian web browser. It offers the latest user interface and speedy browsing experience with Blink engine. This Chromium-based web browser provides extraordinary service about quick page loading even in poor internet connection. This browser is available for Linux, Windows, and iOS. Download Yandex Browser for Linux. 13.

Tor Browser is probably the best-known anonymous browsing tool out there, and it is described as a 'censorship circumvention tool'. Tor Browser has a vast following in the online privacy and

Top 6 Best Private Search Engines for Anonymous Web Surfing Gibiru claims to provide Uncensored, Anonymous Search Engine experience — both in the web version and with the official Mozilla Firefox toolbar. This search engine is noted for the 128-bit secure encryption, the promise of data safety and optimal privacy. Top 10 Internet Browsers - Most Popular Web Browsers of Nov 08, 2019

Top 10 Internet Browsers - Most Popular Web Browsers of

2. Tor Browser Tor is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux making it an incredibly versatile piece of software. The main goal of this browser is to give users truly anonymous communication. The communication is so hard to trace that Tor has become the go to browser for surfing the dark web. List Of Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps For Android