nystudio107 | Setting Up AWS S3 Buckets + CloudFront CDN

How to set up HTTPS for your domain on AWS | Hacker Noon Dec 21, 2017 Setting Up Jupyter on AWS. A scriptable list of command Image sources: commons.wikimedia.org and aws.amazon.com In my previous post I gave the equivalent instructions for Setting Up Jupyter on Google Cloud — if you are more into Google Cloud, go and check that article.. AWS is one of The Big Three (guess, who are the others?) powerful contemporary cloud environments, providing plenty of cool services and tools for data scientists and data engineers. Setting up a public cloud – AWS - Hybrid Cloud for Architects

Setting up a Spark Cluster on AWS June 13, 2018 - Spark, AWS, EMR This is part 1 in a series exploring Spark. Machine Learning with Spark is part 2. Part 3 is Nicer Machine Learning with Spark Part 1: Getting a Cluster Ready. Our goal for today is to build our own cluster with Spark. Fortunately for us, Amazon has made this pretty simple.

Establishing your best practice AWS environment - Amazon® For example, setting up an AWS account specifically for a confidential new application or feature. Use SCPs at the account level to meet customized needs. Consider setting up a Detect and React system using CloudWatch Events and AWS Config Rules. Deployments: Contains AWS accounts meant for …

A typical data processing involves setting up a Hadoop cluster on EC2, set up data and processing layers, setting up a VM infrastructure and more. However, this entire process can be easily handled by EMR. Once configured, you can spin up new Hadoop clusters in minutes.

Establishing your best practice AWS environment - Amazon®