Skype: Note: Skype is not a secure communication protocol. The only reason for using it is that it works in countries where most other communication methods are blocked (eg., China) Company Information. Netsec Interactive Solutions SRL. Address: 76 … Review: Affordable, Fast, & Secure, But One Drawback Jul 04, 2019 ‎VPN.AC - Premium VPN on the App Store Dec 20, 2016 VPN.AC - Secure, Fast, Reliable VPN Service

VPN.AC - Secure, Fast, Reliable VPN Service

VPN.AC Review, Speedtest, and Comparison | VPN University If you’re a heavy iOS user, it’s worth remembering that doesn’t have a dedicated iOS app yet (one is currently under development), but you can still use on your iPhone either via the OpenVPN connect app, or a manual L2TP/IPsec or PPTP connection. I would highly recommend for almost user or VPN purpose, including: How to use a VPN on an iPhone or iPad - Macworld UK

VPN.AC Free Trial 2020: Get 1-Week Trial Account Now

Jan 31, 2020 Review 2020 - Is the monthly price of $3.75/mo – created back in 2009, it is a Romania based VPN service owned by Netsec Interactive Solutions. Yes, it is lesser-known than some of the other VPNs covered in our VPN reviews 2020 guide, but it is actually a pretty decent service. I mean, at the time of writing this review, I found it to be impressively fast.