Aug 23, 2013 servers and bad reouting cause lagspikes Jan 13, 2014 Cogent Communications Cogent Communications. Cogent is one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers, delivering high quality Internet, Ethernet and Colocation services to over 87,200 Enterprise and NetCentric customers. Horrible server lag becaue of level3.sea02.atlas.cogentco Oct 25, 2018

Solved: Re: wrt3200acm wireless troubles with one website

Internet Routing Problem ? - Geek/Tech Things - SpamCop Sep 03, 2013 High Latency when routed through Cogent Communications

Mar 18, 2019

7 ( 19.783 ms 21.323 ms * I also have a 173 address in Texas and can get to both sites without any problems. actions · 2009-Apr-21 3:53 pm Eine google-Suche ergab auch, dass es das Problem früher schon häufiger gab und dann immer an der Schnittstelle Telekom -> Cogent 12 [] 13 *No problem..Unlimited worldwide ( with the exception of a handful of countries ) calls and data plans on my phones..fixed lines and cells.. Point them to this thread..and to Andrey's work 85.888ms asymm 10 14: 87.311ms asymm 12 The larger problem is the packet loss, indicating bad and broken network plumbing. 2.3% is not insignificant and is enough to significantly slow down your ftp traffic, it can cause retransmits, and smaller and smaller send windows (packet payload size), meaning more and more packets for less and less data. Latency Problems. Hello, Can you please help me diagnose the issues I'm having. My computer is wired to a 5268AC Router then an optical converter into the AT&T network. I am experiencing consistent ping swing between 50-200 ms with the occasional 1000+ full stall. - 1 | 117 | 116 | 17 | 23 I wonder how my log will show up tonight… i already see significant loss in traffic… Quote: slashmicah asks: "Internet partitioning and Tier 1 ISPs are something most people don't know much about (myself included). Today, however, some Slashdot readers might have run into some issues involving these two topics. Cogent Communications and Level 3, both Tier 1 ISPs, are apparently having